• The Crank

    The Crank

    A crank to unfold the story of Jack the Ripper. A crank to give life to the characters. Manipulate time as you wish: forward, backward! Play with the action and discover what is hidden behind these walls! Video mapping installation with interactive crank Diffusion : La Bande Amorce

  • Luminuscule


    In situ installation composed of 100 autonomous light boxes.Each box projects an animation of 6 images on the wall.There are thus 100 subtle animations of lights projected on the walls creating an enchanting atmosphere.

  • Bugshot


    Video Mapped Interactive Installation Bugshot is a video game projected on a building facade. The players, with the help of a dummy gun, must prevent insects from entering the windows. Behind each window a character lives his life at home, and we see him by shadow. You must protect them at all costs!

  • Holobox


    Holographic console with wooden platform Holobox is a wooden console, allowing to simulate a hologram and to place a real wooden scenery, on which the characters will interact.

  • The letter carrier

    The letter carrier

    Video Mapped Interactive Installation Control your Christmas letter carrier, and deliver your letter to Santa Claus as soon as possible. Be careful, the route is full of pitfalls

  • LoudWolf


    Crowd Gaming installation Shown at the Annecy animation festival for 2000 people Loudwolf is an installation that allows a crowd to play a video game projected on a screen or a facade. Thus the public is divided into two sides, and participates in a wild race, having to shout, stomp their feet or be silent…

  • Kaveam


    Interactive Installation Kaveam is an installation to question empathy in front of a living form.It is an etheric cage in which a chimera lives. We perceive it only by the sound, the shadow it casts, as well as by its interactions with us: indeed we can pass our hand in the cage, and touch the…

  • Wallbreaker


    Interactive brick-breaker projected on a building facade with video mapping. The players are captured by a Kinect and they have to move their bodies to control the bar. Three lives available, try to beat the best score.